I don't know if I am experiencing sleep paralysis or not and was hoping someone would help. Ever since I have started working nightshift 6 months ago I have experienced strange things happening while I try and sleep. This doesn't happen when I sleep after work during the day only when I try and sleep at night. I know i'm sleeping but my room looks exactly the same as when I am awake. I always see a figure of a man dressed in black watching me. When I try to scream and move I can't, and when I tell myself just to open my eyes and wake up it feels like they have been glued together and takes all my effort in opening them. Sometimes when I do eventually open my eyes I think I'm awake the only thing that shows I'm not awake and still asleep is the figure of the man is still in my room but has moved. It takes all of my effort to wake up. When I do my heart is racing and I'm scared to go back to sleep. This could happen a few times each night. Can someone help explain this to me? And also what or who they might think the figure is. Thanks. Also I don't drink or take any medication that would affect me in anyway.