Please give advice. I'm 25 yr old female and have experienced sleep paralysis twice this year and before now I've never experienced it before!

I'm not on any medication just multivitamins. I'll explain both experiences separately as they were both a little different but the same.

My first one i was in bed. I'd already awoken and I had got up gone to toilet and gone back to bed (although I should of stayed up) it was already daylight and my alarm was going to go off soon. I went back to sleep laying on my back (I'm usually a belly sleeper) I remember being able to see my bedroom and thinking someone was in my backyard trying to steal my dog and I tried to call him to me but I couldn't move or talk I could barely even open my eyes properly. This feeling lasted for around a minute before I blacked out and then it happened all over again.

The second time was just this morning (which is why I'm writing this) because now I'm totally freaked out its happened more than once. I've been sick with a throat infection so I didn't have to start work until after 10 but i was awake at 6 so got up and had breakfast with my partner. I then went and cozied up on the couch once again falling asleep on my back. This time when it happened I could open my eyes but I had the feeling of people actually being in my house walking up and down my hallway and rattling their keys in their hands. While it was happening I thought it was my sister or my mum so I didn't feel scared but then my brain realised that they had no reason to be at my house and I panicked. Once again I couldn't move or talk I was just stuck there. I was totally aware of the time of morning it was and the fact I was in my lounge room and the TV was going I could see part of my pillow and my roof and that's was it. It felt as though it lasted a lot loger then a minute this time and I blacked in and out of the paralysis around four times before eventually waking up properly stiff and confused :( I hate it and I really want to avoid it if possible.

Basically the similarities are that I was asleep in my back (which I do when I'm exhausted) and sleeping in (past the time I usually get up. It's never happened at night. And both experiences felt like there was an intruder in or near my house. Anyone experienced it like this before?
Sorry for the long post just want to make sure I haven't missed details :)