This is a phenomenon I've had since a child. I've never brought it up to a doctor as I thought he'd look at me like I was crazy. But I know it's real! When it happens to me I hear a buzzing in my head and feel like if I can't wake up I will quit breathing and die and when I do wake up I continue to fall right back into it until I'm awake enough to actually get up, turn on lights, even get out of bed. It's has gotten worse with my fibro and meds, but when I was a child I can't relate it to anything. Please tell me people struggle with this and I'm not coo coo!!! My mind is active but body paralyzed, I try to scream out but have no voice. Why does this happen??? What makes it go away? I was scared to sleep for almost 6 months it was so bad. It's gotten better, no idea why, but I've never really talked about it or asked about it. You can't really die if you don't wake up can you? (Sorry if that sounds stupid but I have lived with it silently for so long that I've been really scared at times)