Hi-I’m 28 weeks pregnant and having some horrible sleep issues. I don’t think it’s from being pregnant because I’ve had these issues for a long time. I’m on 12.5 mg of Lexapro, I jumped up from 10 mg about 9 days ago. I normally take 25-50 mg of trazodone at night and it worked like a charm.

The past eight days or so, I’ve had terrible sleep. All of this has been ok’d with my ob and psych doc, I’ve tried 50 mg of trazodone with Unisom and I felt awful the next day, did 100 mg of trazodone and it worked eventually but again felt weird. So, I’m now taking 75 mg of trazodone plus codeine cough syrup for a sinus infection. When it works it works but I feel bad terrible the morning, like can’t function. So, my questions-do I dump the cough syrup (which I need to do because it’s only for a week) and stick w 100 mg of trazodone and see how it goes? Has anyone had these “outta of it” issues w increased trazodone or using cough syrup? Does it take a while for the body to adjust to new doses? I’m calling my doc tomorrow first thing but curious what others have endured. Please no judgement, my doctors are OK with everything. Thanks so much!