Since switching to immediate release I've been sleeping better but when i do need sleeping pills the next day i feel like i have a drug hangover if that makes since and they do nothing for aniexty i sometimes feel or brain chatter spinning i was involved in an auto accicent and dislocated my shoulder was given diazpan for spasms and it took care of that as well as aniexty slept like a baby.didn't feel drugged out the next day had mri was given ativan before worked good also didn't try sleeping on it though used xanix which of the 3 is safest mind you ive had xanix and diazpan in med cadet for 6 mos never using them well not entirely true i do use xanix when i get panic attack but a script of 30 ,25mg has lasted mos and i prolly have 15 left so which is safest and would i have the best shot at getting proscribed