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Can not sleep and when I do I hurt all over and have bad joint pain what could cause this?

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grumpy32 30 Oct 2015

it almost sounds to me like you have some type of arthritis or could be a number of other debilitating bone problems you should we a Dr asap just in case.

Kayvangale 31 Oct 2015

It could be Lyme disease or fibromyalgia but the previous fellow is right you need a thorough work up to check for things that can be fixed or if it's just arthritis. Try taking 2 aspirins before bed. 2 of the 325 mg aspiring.

Kayvangale 31 Oct 2015

Missing sleep itself can cause you to have pain. Have your dr prescribe ambien or lunes ya to sleep and that could be it right there. Also melatonin is natural vitamin that puts you to sleep free discount card

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