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Only when I sleep, my feet starts to pain, it feels as if a knife is stuck into my feet and o?

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RaymondA 1 Jul 2013

I have this peripheral neuropathy in perpetuity. It does seem worse when I get up in the morning, so my doctor has me taking pain meds as a preventive method, as opposed to PRN. In my case - and I emphasize my case - this has worked, giving me mobility from arising, instead of fumbling while I adjust. The problem of occasional intolerable knife-like pain has declined with this regimen. I cannot explain it, just that it has worked for me, after several years of experimenting with different methods and medications. This problem can be debilitating, and I cannot imagine coping with this and working. I believe that most physicians are unable to deal`1 with this, as I am not diabetic and have no other circulatory problems. Unfortunately, relieving the pain is the best I have been able to do. No other preventive regimen has worked, and I say this after several years of trying. The only relief was heating pads and hot/cold water alternative. I'm sorry for not being more optimistic, but the reality is easier to cope with once the parameters are in place. free discount card

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