... a sleeping disorder, if anyone experiences or knows the diagnosis to what im about to say please comment (if possible with name)so i know its not just me being paranoid or that im not alone in what im going though. So when i was a child i do recall watching hi-5 and jumping on the bed till morning one time or family (they took it in turns i suppose) would have to play with my hair and lay with me for long hours till i fell asleepband im pretty sure it was normal hours of sleep then as i got older onto my teen years.
So when i got a bit older (early teen years) i tended to stay up it wasnt too hard considering excitement or curiosity in conversations, back then it was fine i slept like a normal teenager but as i got later into my teen years i started staying up all night (sleeping started around 4-5am)and sleeping all day roughly 12 hours (no more sometimes abit less) of sleep which although the pattern was'nt normal im thinking the hours are for a teenager. But as i got out of my teenage years and went into my 20s thats where it started becoming all over the place. There where times i couldnt sleep i felt like i had insomnia but slept normal then after there where times where i couldnt sleep till morning or at all and i was not sleeping regular hours at all (hardly any sleep) and occasionally falling asleep on the lounge for a few hours in the day.
Then suddenly i was sleeping 8 hours roughly trying to keep the same sleep as my partner but id feel and get exhausted in the day and id even fall asleep while smoking burning things. eventually (in present times) started sleeping at my own sleeping needs (what ever time i felt tired, whenever i would awake and it would be not forced). i feel like when i do sleep im still abit tired when i wake up, i just feel like i didnt get much sleep but its not that bad of a feeling i just feel like im exhausted and i have slower reactions than normal and a little bit harder to concentrate. I honestly feel like i have very little energy (which is making me seem lazy) and in this 'eventually' state im in, im sleeping 12 plus hours a day sometimes reaching in the early 20s of hours. And just thought id add i start to sleep in the morning a.m times (either dark or day varies usually before midday) occasionally on long sleeps someone will bring me food or drink i will have it (sometimes with a cigarette) and go straight back to sleep. I do need to go toilet, i tend to hold it in until i really must go then go back to sleep. After about 6 hours of being awake i tend to get a little more tired than before. The strange part is it takes me a while to fall asleep again (i dont tend to pass out) but when im sleeping its like you can wake me up i might engage in a short conversation but its like ive just felt the need to lay down again and fall asleep. I am currently 22 years old and on my birthday this month i slept most of it, i started sleeping at around morning time maybe 6 and waking 12 hours later. If anyone read through this and replies i thank you so much for taking the time for a stranger whom may be going through what you are, advice would be nice aswell thanks so much