In August I saw a sleep doctor for the first time and he diagnosed me with what he believed strongly to be narcolepsy and associated symptoms such as hypersomnia. He wanted me to have a sleep study.
I called his office about a week after my visit and informed them that I had to have surgery in a few weeks and would have to put off the study until after surgery, but that I still wanted to and intended to have it done. I just couldn't afford to pay for both in the same month. They then supplied me with one months worth of samples of Nuvigil.
It worked wonders, but I wasn't given enough to make it through surgery to my sleep study. I called back and asked if I could have more to last until my study. The nurse informed me that there was a note in my chart not to give me any more samples until I had the sleep study.
I now have run out of samples and I am suffering worse than I was before. I respect any doctors desire not to medicate until a formal study is performed, but that was not the case with this one. If he felt that way he wouldn't have given me samples of a medicine that would change my life. why give medicine at all then?
I believe he wanted the money for referring me to the sleep lab, and didn't trust me to have the study.
This frustrates me because I had a legitimate reason for postponing the study (mind you by no more than 2-3 months). I WANT the study. But not many people can afford both a sleep study and a surgery in the same month.
My sweet primary doctor, upon learning of this, called in Nuvigil for me. However I am out of samples, and now must wait for a PA from my insurance.
I guess the reason for my rant is to hear your experiences with sleep doctors, and also to vent, as no one I know can relate. Thank you for reading and thank you for replying