... no where. I've always delt with very bad fatigue but nothing like this... I started out of no where sleeping 24/7 it was pure hell (still is) I would "pass out"all the time I can't fight the tiredness, I keep literally nodding off while trying to write this. I take aderall and that doesn't Even wake me up. I go on what I call sleep binges some times I'll sleep for 2 straight ttttttt. They did a million blood tests but OF COURSEit came back normal, I have other symptoms with it, I sweat to death at night I wake up soaked. At the beginning my mind was very very off every thing was foggy/cloudy. I couldn't have a conversation without losing track with what I was saying or stutttering bad. my whole body feels just like I got guy by a t train... =(. I have a Sleep study coming up, they think its narcolepsy but I don't want to have that:/ they'res no cure for it just medication... I don't know what to think or do besides Sleep lol. I gained 8 lbs witch is terrible ! ... so I must have nooded out 25 times while trying to eyrie this, it isn't all the that I wanted to say but I'm going to end this now before I might accidentally erase it I'll answer any question I just pay that some one out there has been kinda like thus but could give me advice... Think you! :)