Hi plse help I've been up all nite for oh idk days straight wks it feels like months though but looking for help because I can't sleep I eat once awk n when I do its just a small pprtion like a snack my bones r weak I feel like I'm dying and if I fidnt havr a kid id so wanna b right now. Plse does anyone lnow how I can sleep or what to do? A lil info I prev had sleep isdues usually got 4-5hrs asleep after taking sleep meds which I've tried aythong from ambien. Seriquel,elovil n so on but now after my husband did me wrong n left us alone n broke I'm so depressed I guess my body finally couldn't do it anymore idk I'm scard my kid needs me but right now I'm so messed up feeling sick so tired n have sores on me that use to not b there I'm ruining my body I've lost so much weight its sick. I just font know what else to try so I can finally get sleep before my body completly shuts down!