Hi from a newbie. Like most members i'm forced to take meds to make me sleep. I take clonazipam 2mg. 2 tablets at bedtime otherwise I would never get any sleep with the pain I deal with in my entire upper back, shoulders & neck.

All resulting from extensive spinal surgery 3yrs. ago. The issue I have is with the drug is the dosage i'm on I'm not able to get any more than 4hr's sleep at any given time, then i'm wide awake & in pain once again. My Pharmasist even told me after I explained this that in most cases that's normally how long they last. My GP however keeps dragging his feet on the matter. It was only after me shouting at him " I need more sleep" he decided to send me to a Psychiatrist to be assesed for another medication. I need something to keep me out for at least 8 hrs. partly to avoid the pain. Does anyone else on Clonazipam get short changed on sleep like I mentioned? Thanks.