Because of work, starting a new job which requires me to work a night shift. I reallly slacked of on taking my birth control. I also didn't worry much about it because my boyfriend and have been long distance for just about three months. I originally started taking birth control to help regulate my periods. But since I would forget to take my pill packet to work with me (usually take them at 9pm) I missed 4 pills. That seemed like an excessive amount, so I just stopped taking them all together. I planed on just starting a new pack once my next period started, and try to get things back on track. It's been a few days and I just started bleeding out of no where and it's the first of the month. I usually have my period the last week of the month. That's normal coming off the pill like that?? I feel like I hecked things up. I called my gyno for my last question when I started the same pack I'm taking about now that I missed so many pills on, because I started that pack late. but I hope you guys can help me cause I feel so embarrassed about getting so off track. I've been taking my birth control for about five months now.