... really tired lately & only wanting to sleep, I have chronic headaches now, I have experienced back pain randomly but it was upper & mid back pain. I have had once or three times the feeling to need to throw up. Also I've had cramping randomly & have recently been having milky discharge with no odor or itching etc. Since I have been on the IUD I don't use condoms & me & my bf live together. The sex is kind of constant (2-3 times a week) & recently has has ejaculated in me twice in almost two weeks time... my breast are a little tender to touch;however, I want to make I am or am not pregnant. Help please, I don't know what is what, or if this is a false alarm... Also I've been around pregnant woman a lot lately, my best friend just had a baby & now my other best friend is 18 weeks... I'm hoping this isn't some lync now to me like menstrual cycles do sometimes. P.s I'm not trying to get pregnant... intentionally.