I'm 26, started BC (Junel Fe) when I was 19, was on it for 4 years - absolutely loved it, but thought I needed to give my body a break so I went off of it for about 2 years. Then I started taking it again and was having horrible anxiety -- I'm an anxious person in general (and a bit of a hypochondriac) so I don't think I can attribute the anxiety solely to the BC, but I do think it contributed a bit. So about a year into taking Junel Fe again, I stopped taking it --- so now about 9 months later I decided to get the IUD. My mom had the Paraguard for years and loved it -- so my Gyno was a big supporter of Skyla.

OK, so now for my actual question... I got the Skyla IUD inserted on Thursday (2/4/16)... the actual insertion was very painful, horrible cramping after, actually threw up immediately after because I was so anxious/scared/worked up from the procedure. After about an hour I was fine, just very crampy. Now it's been a full week since I had it inserted and I'm experiencing anxiety (not severe, just uncomfortable), tightening of my jaw constantly, nausea, slight headaches, and occasional cramping in my uterus and back - I've been taking Advil about twice a day for the past week.

Is this normal? I've read so many reviews and experiences about Skyla that I feel like this can be typical for some people, but i just want to make sure that if something is actually wrong I don't brush it off. Also, how long does it typically take your body to get used to this? I felt like I adapted very quickly to BC, but this I seem to be taking a little longer to get comfortable with.

Thanks for any insight!