I'm having complications with my Skyla IUD. I had normal spotting and cramping in the beginning but it went away after three months. I've had it for almost 8 months now and I started bleeding irregularly after seven months of insertion. The bleeding has lasted for almost three weeks now and the wire feels much lower than before. Last month I could barely reach the wire and now it's only about an inch and a half from the entrance of my vagina. I'm bleeding pretty heavily and it's very dark. I may have had my period last week in the middle of this bleeding episode, but I shouldn't have it anymore.
The cramps also feels incredibly miserable and sharp, something I've never experienced.
I'm sure it has moved position and maybe possibly getting expelled. What steps do I need to take to correct this? Should I try removing it at home myself? My doctor can't see me for another three weeks and I can't afford the trip to the ER.