I got Skyla put in on June first and it is now July 8th. I am still bleeding (like a period) and the cramps are HORRIBLE. They were everyday for the first month but now they are on and off. When will this stop? When will I stop bleeding? I also got the worst yeast infection that two sets of medication isn't stopping it. Skyla just has just been more of a pain then anything. I'm always thinking the worst since the Skyla was too big for my uterus anyways but they just tried to put it in. I had it put in because I've experience vaginal dryness due to birth control. And let's just put on there that this is my 5th try on a new birth control. So I'm hoping that this can help with my symptoms cause having intercourse is super embarrassing especially being 21. Advice would be nice on any of this Thank you!