I tried to regulate my cycle back to what it once was before I messed up my pills previously. On Oct 12, I started a new active pack instead of taking the placebo pills. I've done it before with no problem and Dr approval. ..just not this time. In doing so, my period didn't come on the 15th, the day it should have because of what I had done, but I had "breakthrough bleeding" the following week and it lasted over a week... in fact it was close to 2 weeks. After that stopped, then a week later when I was due for my normal cycle, during the placebo (which I took) week, I started my cycle, but it came with no warning or pre symptoms and it lasted 3 days and not the normal 5. I started on Nov. 6 in the late afternoon, and it was over sometime between that following Sunday night and Monday morning, and it got lighter each day. I was shocked by the shortness, but didnt really pay it any mind because I figured it was my body regulating... up until a couple days ago when I started having breast pain around my nipple area and leg cramps during the night, and some mild stomach cramping, and being super gasy, one day I even got mad because I was bored, and I'm a little more tired... not sleepy, just tired. I know it's too early to know about pregnancy, but could that even be it, or is it just my body out of whack from what I did? I currently just started the 2nd week of my newest pack of pills.