Should i still try to skip my period using my birth control, if i spotted VERY little today?
ok so i was wondering if i should still try to skip my period by skipping the placebo week, IF i just spotted very very little. im supposed to start my nxt pack today. but if im already going to start then i think its waste of time if its not going to stop it. iv read online that there is nothing you can do to stop it or shorten your period once it starts, and ive read terrible things about girls who spotted for weeks after they tried to skip.
is this true? i found an herbal remedie to induce it faster but nothing to end it any quicker besides trying to skip it altogether.

help please! i need to know by 8pm central time tonight.( thats when im supposed to take my next birth control pill to skip)

ive been taking Sprintec 28 the monophasic pill for the last 4months, its been pretty good, i usually start 3days after i stop taking them( for the placebo week) and it usually last no more than 7days.

i was trying to skip my period by starting my next pack but i spotted Just barely today, but i had sex with my bf last night for the first time in 3months, so i wasn't sure if it was just because of that, but ive never spotted after sex before, that and im due to either start my period or start the next pack to skip so today is definitely the day to choose one way or the other.