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Skin Rash - I have rash between legs what to do to solve this problem?

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Inactive 18 Feb 2013

Hello shivam pal. If you know the cause, your pharmacist might beable to help you solve the issue. Regards pledge

DzooBaby 19 Feb 2013

Without knowing what is causing it, it is hard to say but the most likely culprit is a fungal infection. You might try an antifungal creme to see if it helps but truly the best thing would be to get a diagnosis from your physician.

veteran7275 2 Apr 2013

veteran7275, shivam pal dont mean to be rude but are you sure it is a rash, many types of fungal, allergic reactions (some detergents, different types of material, and how you wear your clothing can present these symptoms), i would not treat with over counter meds with out seeing some sort of med professional about this. i have tried this myself and created a worse condition. i am new at all this answers stuff so from my experience, home remedies, and over counter creams and such are not good for the body, i would seek pro-med advice first to determine if it is truly a rash or a possible infection, or fungal condition and then go after the cure, i realize that doctors can be expensive but being sure of a condition is better than getting ones self in trouble and creating more problems. free discount card

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