Ever since I had my cervical fusion & lumbar fusion surgery I have had the WORST skin problems. I would describe them as deep boils to infected hair follicles. These boils or infected pours become very deep and painful. Sometimes they itch. I started to have these bumps/cysts on/in my ear and it has taken over my entire ear lobe. It is amazing how much blood can come from just an ear lobe!

This does not seem to be contagious as my boyfriend has not been affected by this. These boils/bumps, infected hair follicles have only appeared on my face, neck, arms, back and chest. Sometimes I can get them to clear up, but then just as soon as one heals, another one comes up.

I have no insurance so this does not help the matter. I went to an Urgent care and was treated with an antibiotic, both topical and oral, to treat "Impetigo" or staff infections. This helped some, but as soon as I ran out, the shenanigans just came back, and I could not get a refill on the script without coming back into the urgent care and paying another $80.00 for another evaluation. The medication itself was $50.00!

Another issue with the skin is among these nasty boils, skin infections, is random spots or redness like a heat rash, but that comes and goes.

The trunk of my body and legs are not effected by this skin infection except for one or 2 ingrown hairs on my leg that is trying to heal. Again, once the ingrown hair thing happens, the infection just seems to dig deeper into my skin and it hurts/itches something awful. The ones on my face, from the "baby hairs" are the worst and leave awful scars :( The ones on my arms take forever to heal and itch the most. I wear long sleeves to try to minimize my scratching and breaking open the sore. Ive cut my finger nails down to nothing but you'd be surprised what you can still pick with with your stub fingers. I get really bad blisters up by my eyebrows too from the ingrown hairs. It's brutal :(

Ive tried Neutrogena soaps and toners and their OTC acne medications, Neosporin, A & D ointment, gold bond anti itch cream... ugh, NOTHING seems to help:( This is not helping my depression from the back pain and back & neck surgery recovery. I want my face back too and be able to wear tank tops without all of these disgusting sores all over them :( I know that sounds vein, but seriously, this has got to stop!

Can someone please try to give me a direct route I need to go to minimize expenses... and if this can be something treated OTC even better!