I am trying to find out if anyone has any skin problem like I have described below from taking Oxycontin or Methadone or both Oxycontin and Methadone or if they get little blisters and sores on there skin or any other skin problem that started after taking these medication.
I started taking Oxycontin and Methadone as part of a pain management program 10 years ago. Shortly after I started taking the methadone I started getting little pimple like sores on my arms. Then Oxycontin was added along with the Methadone. Shortly after starting the Oxycontin I started getting little pimple like blister filled with fluid on the palms of my hand and the soles of my feet. It didn’t take long and I started to get larger patches of skin that fluid would build under and then the skin would get thick and hard and come off leaving the skin under it very tender and it would sting like a when you pop a blister and fluid would drain from the area where the skin came off. As time went on I kept getting more of these patches of skin with fluid under it that would get thick and come off until nearly all of the skin on the palms of my hand, finger, toes and the soles of my feet were losing the skin this way. As time when on the skin on my hand and feet callused and when the skin gets thick and hard from this fluid they become very painful to the tender skin under it. If I wash my hand and feet it dries this thick skin out which only makes it hurt worse. In order to get any relief from the pain when the skin gets thick and hard it to use a finger nail clipper and a razor and try to thin the thick skin with out getting all the way down to the tender skin where the fluid comes from. When I take less Methadone or Oxycontin my hands and feet has less fluid coming from them and the skin doesn’t get thick and hard as fast. When I increase the Methadone or Oxycontin the fluid increases and the skin get thick and hard.