I've had the rash ever since about mid way through the treatments, very minor. When I was done the PA told me it was the poison leaching out of my body. After a about 8,9 months it was still small areas on my elbows, all of a sudden it just took off and it's on my hips, back, arms, legs, face and scalp. For the past year or so [ Feb. 2014] my primary and my dermatologist had no idea what it was. Oral steroids took the rash away but as soon as they were gone the rash came back, I've tried 8 different topicals the only one that did any thing was Clobetasol and it was almost gone after about 8,9 days. My derm. takes me of that and puts my on Triamcinolone in less than a week it back, different instead of small water blisters, it's big red patches plus blisters and is painfull to the touch. I stopped taking it. Oh yea it itches uncontrollably. Can anyone help me?