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Skelaxin - What is the approximate cost of a script (90 pills) without ins. coverage?

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Inactive 17 Jun 2011

Hi malwalt,
Try calling several pharmacies in your area, the price differs from store to store, so if you call several you may get a bargain.
If you cannot afford your medication, there are resources to help you. Call the manufacturer, and see if you can get low cost for your med.
Best wishes to you,

caringsonbj 17 Jun 2011

I have recently been sick but if you click on my avitar you may find some numbers of some places that may be able to assist you, Partnership for prescription Assistance 1-888-477-2669 Uninsured Patient assistance Program 1-800-879-2747 this is a start I hope either these number or the ones under my profile are of help to you. with best wishes, Caringsonbj
P.S. Sweetlemon is right also call your area pharmacies.

Inactive 17 Jun 2011

Hi Billy,
That post of yours, with all the phone numbers was one of THE BEST posts ever!!! should leave that post up!!!

malwalt69 18 Jun 2011

Thanks everyone for all the helpful answers. This seems to be a great forum with a lot of nice members. My first time here,I'm sure I'll be back--- thanx again everyone!

caringsonbj 18 Jun 2011

Thanks so very much-

Inactive 18 Jun 2011

Hi again malwalt,
I'm afraid I didn't help much.
But you are right, this is a great site with some truly caring and compassionate people, so stay with us!
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