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Skelaxin - what is the best muscle relaxer for someone who has had a stroke?

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Rajive Goel 2 Apr 2012

Skelaxin is a prescription muscle relaxant. It is approved for use in combination with rest, physical therapy, and other treatments for relieving the pain associated with short-term "musculoskeletal conditions," such as muscle spasms due to an injury.

Since you mention a stroke to be involved, it would be best to seek medical advice before you use Skelaxin.

Take care, best wishes!

kennyt2 4 Apr 2012

Yea the Dr she is seeing gave her a RX for Skelaxin, she has also tried Datrium and is now on backlifin. I just wanted to know which is best. The Skelaxin seem to work the best although the datrium and backlifin were very small doses.


Rajive Goel 5 Apr 2012

Welcome, importantly is too be well, take care! free discount card

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