... in my hands is unbearable. Throbbing numbness swelling and cold. I can hardly clench a fist.My right knee has ostroorthritis and the pain is excruciating. I was diagnosed with Bursa as well. My rheumatologist has given me anti inflammatory meds. But they don't help. Shots don't help. I begged him for strong pain meds. But since I am on adderal for ADHD and depression. He will not prescribe any narcotics as he says the 2are never prescribed due to the interactions.I had to go to a emergency walk in clinic as the pain in my hands and knee were so severe. They gave me a shot and wrote me a vicodin prescription. There was no problem taking the vicodin and adderall and my pain subsided slightly.
What meds. Are available for my chronic pain? I can not continue with my very active life as I did. I have not gone to the gym for a month and I am very distressed.
Please respond to my question a.s.a.p. I have made an appointment with a pain management clinic to see if I can get any pain meds.