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Sixty minutes had a dr. Who said that Prozac works thru placibo effect. Is this possible?

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Inactive 20 Feb 2012

Hello coco90. Yes it can. Thats the reason you have clinical studies and trials. How people react to a drug, and how they react to a "dummy pill or sugar pill". The mind is a powerfull tool. These drugs are manufactured to help your brain. And if you believe in thinking that a drug is working for you, a person might very likely overcome whatever the reason might be that they are taking that particular drug for to begin with. Be it the real actual drug, or the placebo. Best of wishes,pledge

coco90 21 Feb 2012

Thanks pledge,
I tend to believe that the effects are not placebo since Prozac stopped panic attacks and I really had no expectation of that. coco90

Inactive 21 Feb 2012

I understand coco90. I'm not saying in your case though. Its possible because it happens. The placebo does work. it just might not for say yourself but another person will swear that it works for them. Have a great week,pledge

coco90 21 Feb 2012

Thanks pledge. I'll try to remember that. Coco90

endlessPred 21 Feb 2012

Yes if it does placebo effect who cares? Better is what we want and better is what you get. That is not crazy where we fool ourselves. That is clever where we dig deep and find we can overcome from our inner healing.

And chances are on days that are going in a tougher direction, the drug is sitting in the background keeping us up. Best of all worlds while we heal.

Thinking too much and looking for what is wrong causes anxiety. Anxiety cause illness. Time for a good laugh and try it. You may not know which effect is yours, but there will be a change.

Good luck in your recovery.

coco90 21 Feb 2012

Thanks endlessPred, coco90 free discount card

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