On June 15th I was drugged and forced to have sex. My memory is so fuzzy about this night. I don't think a condom was used but I vaguely remember forcing him to leave once I fully realized what was going on. I don't think he climaxed. This was a Saturday night.
(I am not using birth control sadly)

Time passed and the week begun again. Tuesday I was back with my regular partner. We had sex and used a condom.
That Friday we had sex twice and used no confirm but he pulled out. Saturday I got to thinking that the things that had happened the previous week were dangerous. I was so taken aback by everything and rethought everything. Because of this, I went to the store that Sunday and asked for Plan B. they couldn't sell it to me due to the fact that it was Sunday. Monday I went back, bought it and consumed it as it says to on the directions.

What are my chances of becoming pregnant? Or being pregnant? I took the plan B within three days of the two times we had sex without condoms that Friday. But it doesn't protect the Saturday I was drugged and forced to have intercourse.

It may be due to the hormones in Plan b but lately I haven't felt well. I am also very stressed. But I have had a constant head ache since taking plan b. I have cramping in my cervix/abdominal pain. I'm not sure if these are effects of Plan B or if this is potentially pregnancy symptoms.

Please. Please help me. Thank you all. Thank you