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How do I help my sister who is taking Zoloft to fight her demons? I cant lose her?

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MeggieGirl 25 Aug 2016

I can only tell you how wonderful my sister is to me. She is constantly positive, but not annoyingly, sickeningly sweet, so. She acknowledges my gripes, my pain, and validates it, and also says that she understands that my pain comes from a very real place, and that she is here for me however she can be. She compliments me and says that she can't imagine what life must be for me to feel, when she doesn't fight depression, and life is hard enough for her as it is. I recently shared big news with her, which was that I had been having poor hygiene, but I suddenly felt motivated enough to scrub clean my bathtub and get in there and scrub myself clean, too, and how amazing it felt, almost like being baptized.

MeggieGirl 25 Aug 2016

You don't have to spend a lot of money to help your Sister, nor do you have to be super serious all the time. That gets annoying and old really quick. If you constantly send her letters and cards that are heavy and talk about the problem, she will shy away from reading them, and/or responding to them. But if you send her a card in the mail she will 1) get excited to know that someone loves her enough to write, 2) open it up and see that it's nothing but "Hey! I'm celebrating my love for YOU today! So... LOVE YOU!!! <3" There's nothing she can do but feel a little bit of a blip of happy. She's not totally dead inside, she's just struggling.

Vanaay 26 Aug 2016

Hi Thank you for your comment. No I am not overly religious. I meant "demons" as a metaphor for her depression that she finds hard to fight everyday. I'm just worried the medication may make her worse or she becomes reliant on it as a way of living, and that she will then develop the trainnof thought that there is no other way but the medication - which isnt true. I obviously dont share any of my opinions with her. I know to be careful and respectful of what she is undergoing. I will always be there for her and look out for my baby sister. I just want to be prepared for what she may endure

wannabbetter 25 Aug 2016

Keep in close contact w/your sister. Zoloft is a good medicine, but see if it's helping her. If not, she may need something else or a dosage adjustment. She may also need an anti-anxiety med. See that she can sleep bc being depressed & sleep deprived is a bad thing.

Vanaay 26 Aug 2016

Thank you, I will keep this in mind. I'll keep a close eye on her

wannabbetter 26 Aug 2016

I took 50 mgs of Zoloft yrs ago & it helped then it pooped out. As I get older I have a harder time w/SEs.

Hopi 25 Aug 2016

I took Zoloft for Eight weeks! It made me feel very sick! I did get off of it and I feel better! It was for panic disorder! I take clonazepam and just started buspirone ! I hope it works! Good luck to you

Vanaay 26 Aug 2016

Thank you. I really appreciate all feedback, good and kind

pete amora 11 Sep 2016

I suggest therapy and a med change, I'd say Remeron, Lamictal and something that helps with dopamine like Wellbutrin or even low dose Adderall XR like 10mgs a day. Only a psychiatrist can make those calls though but research treatment resistant depression free discount card

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