I went to a minute clinic place today because I have the following symptoms: severe ear pain, ringing in ears, teeth pain, stuffy, runny nose, yellow/brown mucus, slight cough, insane amount of pressure in my head, really sore jaw, some vertigo, and just a little pain in my throat (that I believed was from the mucus drip). The doctor asked what I thought was wrong and I told him I thought that I have a severe sinus infection. He asked if I was sure it wasn't strep throat because apparently that is going around. I said that I was not sure but my throat hurts the least of all and it doesn't hurt to swallow. He took a look at my throat for less than a second and then reported that he was right, I have strep throat. He then wrote me a prescription for amoxicillin. I asked him if that explained all the pain I was having and he said yes. The ears, nose, throat are all tied together. I didn't feel good about leaving with this diagnosis but could tell he was in a hurry. The whole visit with him lasted less than 2 minutes. I came home and read online that the more cold like symptoms you have the less likely it is to be strep and that taking antibiotics can sometimes worsen a sinus infection. I'm not sure what to do. Do you think he is correct? Can you be sure it's step throat by looking at it for less than a second? Should I continue to take the meds?