I have had a CONSTANT headache in the exact same place over my lft eyebrow for the past 3 weeks now. It also hurts a little in my nose and in my cheek under my eye. The area under my eye will swell at night. My doctor had me on 10 days worth of Amoxacillan and it did nothing to help. The day before yesterday he put me on a stronger antibiotic and Flonase nose spray. I'm having to take Fiorcet (the only pain meds I can take, long story) twice a day and the headache still comes back within a few hours. I'm not blowing anything out of my nose and nothing is draining into my throat. When I use the Flonase most of it goes down my throat instead of up my nose on my lft side. I had a CT scan of my sinuses the day my doctor put me on the new meds and it shows nothing abnormal in my sinuses.

I'm so tired and nauseous (no matter how much I eat with the antibiotics) from the meds and the constant headache for the past 3 weeks is wearing on me. Since I've never had anything come out of my nose it makes me wonder if it could be something else. I have fibromyalgia, but the headache is not the headache I usually get from it which is more in the back and top of my head. Has anyone experienced this or do you have any tips? Thanks