Since first taking pregabalin before christmas 2010 I came out in a rash on my body and in my scalp, I guess the best way to explain it is (like I had chickenpox) My locum doctor at the time told me to stop taking the tablet and made an appointment for my normal doctor the following week. The rash slowly started to subside (or is that all in my mind?) She informed me that the rash was part of my condition fybromyalgia and prescribed emollient bath wash, and several creams. I have continued with this procedure despite the rash being soo bad I have scarred my skin with the unbearable itching that continues both day and night. The past 4 days I have felt so ill that I have stopped all medication (mainly because I cannot keep anything down) and feel so depressed with the skin irritation that the tablets are not doing the job they wee prescribed for. Can you tell me if other sufferers have had this side effects and if so was a solution found.

Desperate for a solution???