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Since concerta keeps me awake, can I take xanix to make me sleep cause it does help me sleep? Can I?

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LaurieShay 14 Jan 2012

Yes, you could try xanax to help you sleep. Just be aware that it is habit forming.

jk13 14 Jan 2012

I'm sure that your doctor will have some good ideas, and they may be as simple as the time of day when the concerta is taken and or the dose reduced a bit. Xanax is great in helping people get to sleep, as long as when you're asleep that you stay asleep. I know that there's a ton of options available depending on the specifics of the sleep problem. Best of luck to you!
Jeff K

caringsonbj 14 Jan 2012

Laurie is right using the combination of these two medications can be done but its a good idea to make sure the doc is aware of it and as she stated Xanax is a benzodiazepine drug that is habit forming but taken under the supervison of a doctor and taken as directed there should not be a problem I wish you only the very best caringsonbj (Billy)

smileyhappy 15 Jan 2012

Hi Sue,
My son takes Melatonin (natural can be bought at pharmacy) with Concerta when he cannot sleep. Hope this works for you.
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