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Simvastatin - does one just stop or taper off?

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kaismama 31 Jul 2013

With your drs permission, you just stop it. He needs to be in on the decision tho

SusieQ65 1 Aug 2013

I hate to disagree , but my neurologist told me to never stop a medication suddenly unless you are having severe reaction or side effects you cannot tolerate. He always titrates( gradually increases) new med to desired dose , then titrates (gradually decreases) the dose till I am weaned off the med. before suddenly discontinuing it. This way, the body has time to adjust to the med ( or absence of it ). To go off a medication suddenly when your body is accustomed to functioning with it could give you some negative reactions in itself. Best go at it slowly either way--give it at least a week of gradual dose change. Another possibility is that you find that you have good results with a lower dose than prescribed--- always discuss this with your doctor. Otherwise it (your body ) may scream " WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?" Hope this helps and good luck. SusieQ65

kaismama 1 Aug 2013

And how many cholesterol meds does your neurologist order? I agree, neurological meds shouldn't be stopped suddenly, but that does not apply to thousands of other medications.

SusieQ65 1 Aug 2013

Point made! I still stand by my statement. As a registered nurse, I was taught " When in doubt, leave it out". In other words, Unless a sudden discontinuation is warranted, I had rather take a few days and gradually decrease my dose, then stop taking the drug. Thank you for your response. Hope I did not offend. That was not my intention. Have a good day. Susieq65

SusieQ65 1 Aug 2013

SusieQ65 has humble pie for dinner!! Just finished reading some horror stories from users of Simvastatin. Were I in their shoes I would stop it, too!!! A lot of people take statin drugs without any problems. But for those who cannot tolerate the statins-- best :leave them out". Thanks for the enlightenment. SusieQ65 free discount card

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