I was diagnosed to have ductal carcinoma in situ( comedocarcinima & micropapillary types) tumor size ( 4cm), all surgical margins are clear, paget's disease of the nipple. All 17 axillary lympnodes, negative for tumor. Estrogen receptor assay is positive 10-15% of tumor cells. Control: positive3+. progesteronereceptor assay 20-25% tumor cells: pisitve 3+. Her2neu: Equivocal <10% tumor cells w/ incomplete perimembranous staining. I'm 50y/o.
I underwent lumpectomy left breast on May 2015, . The biopsy result, breast cancer stage 1. My surgeon adviced me to take tamoxifen for 5 yrs after i had my left breast mastectomy last June 15,2015. Im now on my 8 month as breast cancer survivor. What will happen if i will stop taking tamoxifen than taking it & yet i will be expecting to have a uterine cancer eventually as one of the side effects.
Thank u for your help. God bless