... experienced a side effect such as stuttering. I have not found one person who has. The main purpose of this question is to elicit both direct questions as well as conversation about different side effects. When I started using it, the altered speech started right away and since my livelihood depends on me speaking with fluidity I got very upset and thought my career was over. It would go away in the evening though after I was given my night time meds. I was in rehab for pain management and drug dependence from stupid osteoarthritis! It mostly went away when they stepped up the narcotics I so badly needed to offset it. BTW gabby Hayes works exceptionally well on stopping pain but the consequences fro me aren't favorable. I urge anyone to participate even if they have not had the same experience Ive had. I do know were all different and suffering the same ailment. Your homework is to compare and contrast... just kidding about this part!