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What are the signs I should look for in oxycodone abuse?

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balbanese 8 May 2012

Agitation, hyperactivity, delusions, stealing, sleeping a lot, not sleeping at all. Hope this helps

LaurieShay 8 May 2012

Taking a medication that is not prescribed to you or taking it in larger quantity than prescirbed.

Inactive 8 May 2012

Are you talking about yourself? If so, if you are wanting to take it before it's scheduled time, or craving it would be my answer. You should only be needing to take it if you have pain that warrants it's use. If you are craving the feeling it gives you like a high or even making you just want to sleep, then that would mean there is definately a problem. I take oxycodone for chrontic pain. I have never gotten high feeling or craved it ever. Sometimes I forget to take it until the pain is so great, then I remember 'oh, I forgot to take my meds'! If you are taking it to get the high feeling thens it definatley a problem. Just my thoughts... Mary

DadsWatchinU 30 Jun 2012

Having lived with the hell of abuse from opiate abuse (oxycodone abuse one of their worse, next step heroine, next methadone, next HELL) I can tell you almost anything you ever Thought (?) you wanted to know about any of the many number of opiates as I have read, researched, & compiled over 1200 hours of data in the last 3.5 years since I became aware of the addiction. Understand I said since I said since i became aware of the abuse, she was addicted for at least 6-8 yrs prior to our knowledge. This drug is a truly a wonder drug for those who use it as it is supposed to be used, pain sufferers who do not expect relief from surgery or anything else in the future, extreme pain that is. But it has become a drug of choice for heroine users to shoot up, snot, or take by mouth for years now. free discount card

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