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What are the sign of bipolar disease?

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amyherndon1 12 Feb 2013

Well, the symptoms are irritability, sleeping alot or not sleeping at all, bad mood swings, highs and lows like depression one minute and the manic the next, u never know how to approach persons with bi-polar sometimes because u dont know how they will react, they get mad easily, they get sad easily, major mood swings, no energy or too much energu, mainly just major mood swings. U can defantly tell a difference in a person.

twalkerbethly 12 Feb 2013

Thank you for explaining that for me... I really appreciate u taking the time 2 answ my question

notanexactscience 12 Feb 2013

Racing thoughts jumping from one subj. To another memory issues fast talking spending sprees. Focusing concentrating judgement thinking. Not sleeping at all mind keeps going.

KLuce 13 Feb 2013

Highs so high that you feel on top of the world... transition to extreme compulsive behavior (mine is shopping)... then you begin to crash by feeling what you think is melancholy & thinking people don't like you... finally the (oh, so fun) huge crash, and whatever you do, choose you words carefully... you'll want to sleep all the time, and one day you'll wake up and you are overly energetic and happy. You'll go through a time of feeling "normal" and then the cycle starts all over again. The time period for this (oh, so fun) loop is different for everyone. Most people miss their highs, which puts them at risk for quitting their Meds, but if you stay strong and be a compliant patient, you will see that your life and the way people begin to respond to you is much much better. If you think you might have bipolar, seek a primary care physician if you do not have one already, and let him /her help you, trust me... it will get better. Kira free discount card

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