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What are the side effects of tramadol?

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WildcatVet 17 Dec 2015

Hi, 1gb! Here is a comprehensive list of all reported possible side effects of Tramadol:

But keep in mind that just because side effects have been reported doesn't mean you will have them. The majority of people don't or when they do the side effects are mild and only last a few days to a week or so. Any longer than that and you should call your doctor.
Happy Holidays! WCV

mista2much 17 Dec 2015

I don't remember all the side effects because there was only 1 in particular that caught my eye: -Seizures.

Couldn't find a rate of seizure statistics on it from any of the box notes, my Dr., the Pharmacist, or online. But certainly if there's a warning, there's a chance of seizure.

Most insightful comment I was given on the subject was by my doctor who said
he didn't know statistics on occurrences of seizures either, but there's 2 things to watch out for if you're worried about seizures from Tramadol:

1- Monitor yourself with a phone present, or at home with someone near for the first 6 hours after taking Tramadol for the first time. If you feel weird in anyway (within that 6 hours) that your body doesn't like (tearing, lightheaded, instant tiredness, if you keep zoning out) warn someone immediately, either who is at your house, or have their number handy to directly call 911/Fire Dep't/EMT if they are closer

WildcatVet 17 Dec 2015

Even the Physician's Desk Reference doesn't mention seizures except as a symptom of tramadol overdose. It IS easy to build up a tolerance and start taking more than the prescribed dose.

chuck1957 18 Dec 2015

1gb; Yes our minds are very powerful things and I get used to not even looking at side effects until I feel something wierd or different due to the way they come up with side effects and most people don't even check and if you look at during the studies many of the side effects are so close to the people taking the placebo as the real drug. But if you notice anything check with your doctor or pharmacist. The only way I would worry about seizures is like the other day the lady was taking tegretol for her seizures so if a person is prone to having seizures then it could be something to worry about. And make sure with this one you take it just as prescribed it can be hard to get off of otherwise

Delila 19 Dec 2015

Hi, you have been given some great concise information here! I hope you don't mind me weighing in... just from experience, my main symptoms were nausea, lethargy and mild ataxia, and to a lesser degree headaches. But in time, all of these disappeared, so if you can get through the first 2 weeks (or so), you should find the medication is a very successful analgesic. Just take head in the warning of the potential of addiction/dependence...

jerry 12 22 Dec 2015

Hi is this for tramdol??

Delila 22 Dec 2015

From my experience, yes free discount card

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