I've been on 50mg Zoloft and 150 2x's day Wellbutrin SR, doctor had me go to 25mg Zoloft for a week and then every other day for a week and then zero. Added Prozac at 1/2 tab the 2nd week and switched to Wellbutrin 100 mg 3x's day.

I got to about day five and started feeling highly emotional, crying jags, brain disoriented, difficulty concentrating and body feels tight like major anxiety.

I called doctor and said I think I am coming off Zoloft too fast and so now I am tapering to 50 mg/and 25mg every other day for 10 days, etc.

I am wondering if the feelings I am having are due to Zoloft withdrawal or immediate release wellbutrin?

Woke up this am with a sore throat, headache, burning eyes and all of the above.
Any suggestions?