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What is the side effects of not taking prescribed Synthroid?

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kaismama 23 Oct 2013

You can't have a side effect of something you aren't taking. You mean what are the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Tired, slower heart rate, weight gain, slow metabolism. Your body depends on it to function. Its kind of like trying to run a car without gas.

Kitty 23 Oct 2013

If you have been taking them and stop you can also develop
anxiety and/or depression.

endlessPred 23 Oct 2013

And ultimately, the body runs out of what you need to be durable and the body dies. One does not stop the medications. Perhaps change the brand if needed. Always talk to your doctor. This is one of the essential hormones of the body. Too little or too much causes the body to fail. And there are mono other substitutes.

endlessPred 23 Oct 2013

There are no substitutes. Sorry about the typo. Read about itl free discount card

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