In 2006 I had h pylori. I then had a complete hysterectomy and my gallbladder out. I've had trouble since. In 2011 my dr put me on carafate. I've been on it until last month when I stopped on my own. It started making my stomach hurt all the time. I've been to mayo clinic among other doctors since 2006 and all the tests are normal. I'm on 40mg of encounters a day but I have severe heartburn. One of the doctors says I have bile sitting at the top of my stomach all the time. I can't get rid of it. In 2011 I weighed 123lbs. By the end of 2013 I weighed anywhere from 68 to 75lbs. I am currently at 73lbs and I am having severe issues and the doctors can't find anything. Can someone hopefully give me some insight as to what can be wrong?