In February of this year I unfortunately came down with pneumonia and was rushed to the ER by my husband. The ER nurse explained to him that my Blood Oxygen was at 72, and if he had not gotten me in when he did I probably would not have made it through the weekend. The pneumonia had infected both lungs, upper and lower lobes and as soon as I walked in to the ER I was admitted. I was placed on a breathing machine right away and all the testing and IV’s began. I don’t remember the first few days of being there, but as the days came and went I seemed to be getting better. After being in the ICU after a week and a half the moved me to the next level of hospital care and four days later I was able to return to my home to continue getting better. For the next 30 days I was on oxygen 24/7 and rarely left my home because I was still getting weak and exhausted easier than a normal person. Throughout the next months I was able to wean off of the 24/7 oxygen, to only needing it a few times a week now in the evening. (Usually after a long day or two out and about) During the months of getting better, my contact outdoors was very limited. Since I live in Las Vegas it was usually too hot to do anything outside, and I was stuck indoors. I began to notice that my feet began to get cold faster and easier than they had before, and no matter what I was always wearing socks. Shortly after noticing my feet, I noticed that my fingers, toes, knees, elbows and really any joint in my body was hurting to move. It became concerning because I have never felt this way and the pain is not going away. I also seem to have a pain in my right side that seems to some and so. It’s usually after I am breathing deeply, laughing, doing the breathing exercises or just walking around for the day. I also find myself a few times a week taking a double breath and it almost sounds like I am gasping for air. I don’t feel like I am, but it sounds like it.
Can you please tell me if these are the side effects of the deadly pneumonia I had gotten and if and what I can do to relieve myself of the pains. I am only 41 years old, and I feel like I am older.
PS: I have not had a cigarette since February 3rd 2014, the only good outcome from this nasty infection!
I sure hope you can help.
Thank you,
Michelle Howard