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Are there side effects to just quitting taking Vicodin ES and Soma daily for the past 5 yrs.?

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kaismama 1 Nov 2012

Side effects no, one heck of a withdrawal yes. You can't just stop it abruptly, you have to wean off of it, and one med at a time. This takes working with your doc.

Cament38 1 Nov 2012

I ask because I once quit taking my Xanax for like 2 mos and all the sudden my thighs were so itchy and I literally scratched them to bruise all over. I understand the withdrawal and weaning. I just want to make sure nothing like that will happen! That was insane.

kaismama 1 Nov 2012

That was because you stopped it too fast. These drugs can make you miserable if you don't go off them just right.

MacIntosh12 4 Nov 2012

kaismama is right, the withdrawal will be unpleasant, and that is putting it mildly. I agree with her, consult your doctor, as she has suggested, for a taper schedule.
Out of curiosity, may I inquire as to why you are stopping these medications? Are you now out of chronic pain?
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