I have had chronic on and off depression for much of my adult life. I have been taking Zoloft for years which seemed pretty effective. Problem is I have also had chronic insomnia for as many years.A few months ago I stopped taking the Zoloft and my depression worsened but... I was finally free of the insomnia!!! For this reason I have been reluctant to restart it.The problem is that my depression seems to be worsening again and I have been prescribed Prozac... (it was a life changer for a sibling of mine,very effect with his antisocial and anger issues)so my prescriber thought it might be effective for me as well.
Problem is that I have heard it can cause insomnia and weight gain. All my life I have struggled with a weight issue that I finally seem to have gained some control over.I am finding my appetite increasing since I started taking Prozac several days ago.So far I am sleeping ok, but I am taking a 10mg tab and pouring 1/3 of it out before taking it... I am really afraid of weight gain and insomnia returning if I increase the dose.

I would appreciate any feedback on effects of Prozac from long term users.