Hi. I'm taking Clarithromycin to get over the effects of Tonsillitis. I've had Tonsillitis on a number of occasions, but this is the first time I've ever been prescribed Clarithromycin as an antibiotic to get over the symptons. I've never had any kind of reaction of any sort after taking antibiotics before, but this time seems to be different. I took the first tablet (prescribed one tablet, once a day) at approx 13:30 hrs on Tuesday of this week, week ending 8/5/10. I'd noticed that by about 20:00/21:00 hrs that my joints in my arms (elbows and wrists) and in my legs (my knees) were painful... as if i'd been doing too strenuous an exercise. Subsequently last night, the pain i'm experiencing has worsened and now my hands will not stop itching! Any help would be appreciated