... new. The back order problem of course. I have extreme heartburn and acid coming into my throat. I follow the no food rule @ 2 hours after Meds. Not everyday but enough to keep me awake and avoid meals... Especially given the fact I'm hungry. Anyway.. I hope they get these Meds straightened out. I'm gonna be switching to an alternative for the next few weeks and will be nice if it goes away for awhile.
I heard this started with Opana ER amongst their other products due to a pill mix up.. factory has to resolve it in order to make it again. Then there is the FDA forcing the anti crush.. no matter to me but new Meds is gonna force a start over for my system again and I really hate it. Anyway just wanted to rant a little I'm sick on my stomach and the new Opana ER isn't helping as much with my pain so good luck to all pain sufferers and god bless