I'm a 27 year old with no kids. I've always had period issues, when I was younger it was a lack of estrogen so I rarely got periods, since 2008 I've had continuous issues with too much estrogen and having to take Primolut (a progesterone pill) to stop my periods as they go for 8 weeks +. I've had a lack of sex drive, put on A LOT of weight for no reason, headaches etc.. pretty much all the systems associated with high estrogen levels. My doctor has recommended the Mirena and I wanted to find out if people in a similar situation to me found that it helped? I would assume that if my progesterone balances, that I'd lose weight and basically go back to normal... but just wanted to see what other people have experienced and if you'd recommend it? It's a whole invasive process as they want to put me under, do a curatage (basically scrape out the lining), do a pap smear and then insert the mirena as they think this will be less painful as I haven't had kids. What time line do you think is acceptable to see good results or do I assume from 1 month on that things will change?