I was being treated with minocycline, 100mg, twice a day for 1 1/2 years by a dermatologist for its' "anti-inflammatory effect". My legs turned blue and swollen; he performed no bloodwork nor did any tests. When I left his 'care' and stopped the medication, my skin on my lower legs came off in sheets! I still have extremely dry skin on both lower legs and have developed a chronic 'itching' and 'peeling' of the skin for 3 months, now. Will this continue? For how long will it take for my body to rid itself of this toxin? My life has turned miserable because of this and my skin on my lower legs is still thickened. I am being treated for the pyoderma gangrenosum at a wound clinic operated by our local hospital. Please Help! I'm a 61 year old white male. Thank You.