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Side effects of metanx?

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masso 23 Dec 2015

Click on the link for a list of possible s. effects:

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bjohnnyson 24 Dec 2015


Inactive 1 Jan 2016

I am an Internist who also happens to use MetanX for chemotx related neuropathy. Approximately 3-4wks after starting the one capsule twice daily dosing, I began to have aching and pain and stiffness in both upper and lower extremities. Specifically affecting my hands to elbows and feet at least to my knees. I hadn't had this type of neuropathic pain to THIS degree for at least a couple years, which is when I began a pain regimen that included lyrica. Being quite concerned about my new symptoms, that clearly correlated with initiation of MetanX, I contacted my PCP & pain specialist as well as my podiatrist. They each had a differing opinion and admitted to fairly little experience in prescribing the medication. I then called the manufacturer and was put in touch with an RN that works for their company.

lclass003 29 May 2016

I am in the opposite side of your experience, although I would never pretend to know chemo pain and the pain that goes with it. I am calling BS on the nurse, paid by the drug company, scaring you with heightened pain the rest of your life. I don't like how they are working with you. I began having more than the usual amount of fibromyalgia exhaustion. I started losing my balance, mid-Jan 2016- until May. I fell. and i was so weak I could not stand. I was in the hospital, and a physical rehab center 'til May. I am taking the largest amount of Neurontin they feel is safe. No-one knows why I have weakness, exhaustion and agony in my front arms and hands and calves and feet. I started taking MetanX the last week in April(2016). I am still having reduced sensation, and now pins and needles. My hunch is, you should follow through with your pain doctors best educated guess. We are all a different set of pains, illness, health and viatality.

Sehowl 20 Jul 2016

I'm in a similar situation, though much earlier in my treatment with Metanx for small fibre neuropathy. I started taking Metanx four days ago, once a day, but yesterday, I experienced significant back aches. I did not take the pill today, and I feel maybe 5% better, but I'm concerned with what the RN told you about lingering pain after using the drug. Did your pain ever resolve? Or did you continue to take the drug and see some resolution? I appreciate any response you might give.

lclass003 20 Jul 2016

How are you doing-have you felt better? I am in pain all the time, maybe fibromyalgia pain, failed back syndrome, and a newly herniated disc in my neckI. I was thinking about your situation and hoping you are well. I have had severe pain for most of my life, but never what you described. Best wishes! free discount card

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